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About Rantsville

There is something rather appealing about authoring a stream of consciousness blog. The major question is can one individual come up with enough rant worthy material to keep such a blog going. As the days unfold we will see. It may also be that subscribers will be invited to submit their rants for editing, approval and publication. Again we will see.

Subject matter will generally be of a “nothing is sacred, no holds barred” attitude. If diverse and sensitive subjects tend to offend you there are two choices: 1. Don’t come here. 2. Read at your own risk. The intention is to have some fun by poking fun at a wide variety of subject matter. Sometimes posts will be entirely tongue in cheek because I like playing devil’s advocate even when it is the opposite of my own beliefs. So always keep in mind what I post may not be what I believe.

After deciding I want to play with a rant type blog a bit of research nearly made me decide against the endeavor. You see two facts about these types of blogs became obvious: 1. A lot of those writing rant blogs are really PO’d about most everything. 2. A lot of them likewise seem incapable of completing a paragraph, uh no maybe more like a sentence, uh wait perhaps more accurately a phrase without using a word that begins with “f” and ends with “k” (we’re not talking flunk, flank, fink or frank either). Come to think of it I guess I’d be really PO’d if that was the best I could do when attempting to express myself.

That’s not to say I’m above cursing but if I move consistently in that direction I sure hope someone will slap me alongside the head and tell me to get back to writing in my native tongue.

In the meantime I’m going to start publishing posts before I’m comfortable with how the blog looks. Hey I’m not trying to make a bunch of money, just have some fun and see what can be accomplished.