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Finished Look To A 16 Ft Gap

2014 July 23
by Curmudgeon


We’re talking a gaping 16 foot space of unsided mobile home exterior wall. Come to think of it I’ve never seen a sided interior wall. Yep, the space on the left is no longer occupied by the family room. It’s now attached on the right side and as we described it to the mobile home park management is the “entryway.” So it came down to an acceptable means of finishing off that gaping 16′ space.

Well without new siding over the entire place (a budgetary no no) we went with filling the space with contrasting style and color siding. Mostly ‘cuz 10 year old (or more) ultraviolet degraded gray vinyl siding and new ain’t gonna match anyway. OK then, go with bargain on sale (plus mail in rebate) white double 3½” siding to contrast with the gray double 4” – yep that’s the ticket. The fun began.

If you have not sided an exterior wall it’s basic: start at the bottom and work up until the top tells you stop. That’s the down and dirty version but if you wanna learn more do some youtube searching. Like I said, start at the bottom and that’s exactly what we did.

Prepped And Starting At The Bottom

Prepped And Starting At The Bottom


Once the bottom row is in place and screwed (or nailed) along its top side fresh rows get added as you work up. We avoided a fair amount of ladder work by clamping a ten foot 2X12 across the back of the pickup box. The following picture both shows how nicely the job progressed and gives the undisputed best ever taken picture of Da Brudda.

Perfect view of "Da Brudda'

Perfect view of “Da Brudda”


Before you know it you’re looking at a nearly completed job.


Oh So Close To Complete

Since the top piece of siding ain’t necessarily a full width piece some trim pieces get fastened at the very top, some measuring and lengthwise cutting is done and a special tool is used to assure the top of the siding is mostly wind resistant. Voila! Mission accomplished.


Hey Bro, This Light Is For You

Let it be noted that in the picture above even though it was broad daylight Da Brudda was so pleased we had finally remounted the outside light he insisted I had to get a picture that showed the light actually working. It’s the small pleasures y’know.

Thus ended the days tasks. Time for us to crack open a celebratory beer,..or twelve. Hey Janice you wouldn’t mind doing a liquor store run, would you? Good! Get plenty. Hurry!