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Fond Farewell To Twenty Fourteen

2015 January 1
by Curmudgeon

It may be titled a “Fond Farewell To Twenty Fourteen” but in my curmudgeonly view, fondly waving farewell to 2014 isn’t necessarily accurate. Much happened, much was accomplished and much was learned. Some good and some not but hey, it is water under the bridge. So here goes.

An abundance of rants were posted about thirty plus mobile home residents including us that got eviction notices in mid-January. Likewise there were rants about our trials, tribulations and struggles to accomplish the move. We made it happen and did the grunt work ourselves. Of course professionals got the big bucks to do what we (John Q. DIYer) wasn’t bonded, licensed and certified to do. Yep, professionals can hurt the bank accounts. Bottom line: it happened and we’re nicely established in our new location.

Our move taught many lessons. First among them was as you get older and health stuff runs interference there may not be such a thing as eight hour days especially when doing physical stuff you maybe ain’t done before. That’s not saying the eight hour day doesn’t happen but some portion of it might be at 1/3 power ‘cuz the oomph just isn’t there. Wouldn’t ya think it would be easier to accept that eight years after the valve job and electronic ignition installation (in other words heart valve surgery and pacemaker/defibrillator implant)? What’s wrong with me anyway? Please don’t answer that.

Daunting though the overall project was the sense of accomplishment is the kinda thing broken arms are made of. Broken arms, you ask? Well sure, unless you’re double jointed patting yourself that high up on your back will cause a broken arm. Lame, huh?

Detaching and moving our 12 X 16 foot addition away from the house and later moving it back to the house after the move was the major challenge of our move. Janice, Da Brudda and I brainstormed ways of doing it and to the surprise of the mobile home mover guy it was mission accomplished. Terry (the mobile home mover guy) was so impressed that he transported the room and left it and his diesel pickup for us to position, block the room and pull the trailer out so we could move it back up to the house. Just a hint: if you are prone to panic or anxiety issues don’t even think about doing something similar to this. Proper knowledge, materials and equipment are required and even then there are life ending hazards.

Enough about our move, we’re home, we’re comfortable and like all home ownership there’s always more to do.

What else has 2014 given us? Though Janice is supposedly pre-diabetic her A1C remains completely in the normal range without prescription drugs so long as she takes true cinnamon (not grocery store spice) and pays attention to diet. Shucks, the cinnamon seems to reduce the arthritic swelling in her ankle too. How do you argue with that?

Then there’s Da Brudda and his decision to cut back on cigarettes. Good plan as I see it since he’s already sacrificed half a lung to cancer and started sucking smoke again thirteen or so years later. The beauty of his cutting back is if or when he fires one up there ain’t the feeling of being a total failure ‘cuz after all he’s not quitting, just cutting back. It’s mostly working for him and that’s so cool!

Finally me, Rantsville’s own Curmudgeon. Well gosh, my news ain’t so encouraging considering my life goal. Y’see I’ve long joked I wanna die at 150 years of age from gunshot wounds inflicted by the jealous husband of his nineteen year old bride. That ain’t gonna happen ‘cuz congestive heart failure is a terminal disease. That stark reality hit home at the most recent Cardiac Pacemaker symposium Janice and I attended. I guess that means there are a lot future 19 year old ladies safe from my advances (wink).

Well it is Twenty-Fifteen. Warmest personal regards to all.