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Episode 2 – The Ongoing And Embellished Adventures Of Curmudgeon

2015 April 6
by Curmudgeon

No! My license tabs have not expired. But a couple other things have. And all in the course of one single afternoon. The good news being Da Brudda was occupied at gainful employment so the incidents fell entirely on the shoulders of me, Curmudgeon, questionably the [less than always inspired] inspiration behind Rantsville. Enough self deprecation, let’s get on with the embellishment.

Y’see a lot of time and energy has been devoted to making two rooms into one. That involved a fair bit of demolition, brainstorming and grunt work. Good news is we’re at the point of staining, varnishing and trimming the 12½” archway between the rooms so they look finished. So we have these pieces of two by lumber bordering both sides of the opening and being poor white folks we carefully picked construction pieces. OK, I’m good with that. It means there’s a bunch of fun prep work (sanding, more sanding, then sanding again, well you got the idea) to make the wood ready for stain and polyurethane coating. It kinda comes down to even though you’re wearing a particle mask, how many hours at a time can you breath that sh.., oops let’s just say breath that dust in? My nose and lungs try to quit working when someone that two days ago swam in an Olympic size pool filled with cologne gets within three counties distance. How much more graphic do you want?

The day’s plan was to get the sanding done and hopefully find an acceptable stain to use. Sanding equipment on the other hand had vendettas. A brand new quarter sheet palm sander from Menards worked real well until the last 45 minutes of use. Speeds varied from almost not running to full bore and endless variations between. It did keep working ’til all was sanded but I would have been more thorough with a good unit. Purchase price has been credited back to the debit card.

Then there was the reciprocating multi-tool we’ve nick named “the jitter-bug”. It has done shloads (coining new words here) of work over the last several years but not the afternoon in question. With the triangular sanding attachment in place and a hook and loop sanding sheet secured it was a treat to work along the 1½” wide timber readying it for stain and polyurethane. It got shut off while repositioning myself to sand the bottom 3′ of one edge. I flipped the switch and there was nothing. Arrgh! After checking for a tripped circuit breaker and trying half dozen other outlets there could be only one conclusion: the danged thing would be in rigor soon. I just hate when that happens.

Enough embellishment, let’s get on with the adventure part. It turned out the “jitter bug” only needed partial dissection to gain access to the on/off switch so a bunch of contact cleaner could be sprayed in and the switch slid from on to off about 500 times and all works fine again. Who says Harbor Freight stuff is junk?

Da Brudda was in a generous mood and lent his somewhat beat up but still functioning palm sander. So the adventure of finishing and trimming our archway continues on its merry way.

Don’t ya kinda find it amazing the sorts of things an old flatus (that means someone that is old and breaks wind) considers adventurous? Me too!