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Flacid Ashbacks Or Something Like That

2015 April 7
by Curmudgeon

Sophisticated entertainment isn’t a necessity for me (Curmudgeon). Nope, I enjoy simple things like wisting twords and observing reactions as people realize they understood what was just said even though there is no resemblance to vernacular English. Likewise, there is nothing resembling colloquial English either but what the heck, they still understand. But the truth be known, this paragraph has nothing to do with what I want to address in this rant.

What I describe as “flacid ashbacks” is actually either a temporary anomaly or an indication of something serious or maybe really serious. For several months or more my right eye has been doing some weird shhtuff. Some of if resembles what is called “ocular migraine” which usually lasts maybe an hour, just not in my case. Sometimes (depending where I am) it is as though a bright flash of light fills the room or the outdoors. Web MD says I shoulda sought emergency medical attention within 24 hours of the first bright flash symptoms ‘cuz it strongly indicates retinal detachment which carries serious consequences if not treated quickly. Golly, learning that two to three weeks later is kinda scary. After a visit to the eye Dr I was assured there is no detachment and nothing to indicate any other cause(s) of the symptoms. Her advice came down to “suck it up and live with it” unless it becomes more severe. OK, I can do that.

In the meantime sinus infection was ruled out, allergy nasal spray was prescribed, over the counter allergy eye drops are being used, deodorants were switched (can you say grasping at straws) and still the symptoms continue. So I’ve spent a fair amount of time considering things from the past that may have decided to haunt me now. So far there are two:

First: the female plug end of an extension cord dropped from where it was hanging overhead and smacked my right eye while I was working on my mom’s place (love and miss you no end mom). Man did that hurt and cause a dark spot in my right visual field for about three days. Then it went away. Am I experiencing a past injury returned to haunt me?

Second: over a period from my late twenties into my mid to late thirties I had some small (you believe that don’t you) experimentation with hallucinogenics. Let’s say it could have included mescaline, peyote, ‘shrooms and yes, even lsd. Truth being I was quite the bad boy. Could this be long term acid flashbacks?

If this is a thirty some years after the fact result of hallucinogenics I guess little more needs saying except I’m impressed.

Then there is a third possibility: although my past lifestyle says life wasn’t hard on me but I was hard on it and as a result there’s a brain something screwing with my vision and eventually with my longevity. But hey, for the damages done (at least theoretically), how much brain can possibly be left?

Enquiring zombies want to know.