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Entitlements And Me

2012 December 2

Referring to Social Security or “sosh scurity” as politicians and news media enunciate it as an “entitlement” has long offended me. Over thirty years having FICA deducted from my pay means I’m danged well entitled to the Social Security I receive. So seeing it as an entitlement no longer offends me ‘cuz I paid for it, I earned it and I’m entitled to it.

What is offensive though is Social Security getting grouped with welfare and food stamps for example. People do not receive welfare or food stamps because they contributed to their individual welfare and/or food stamp accounts throughout their working lives and thus are entitled to it. Does anyone else see the distinct differences or am I just being a curmudgeon?

We’ve been told for quite a few years already it’s going to be broke by (that’s an ever changing date) and it will be catastrophic for those depending on it. So why did the government raid the Social Security funds leaving nothing more than IOUs that have yet to be paid back? Would Social Security be more solvent had our elected thieves left that money alone? I don’t know for sure but I got a feeling.

Then there are excuse makers -mostly politicians, bureaucrats, policy wonks and media journalists (the folks to trust) the Social Security system was set up not anticipating the baby boom and how it would effect the system.

OK, I can buy that. After all the system was engineered by – wait for it.

You ready?

OK – here goes: politicians. Politicians sat in DC, fingers in their noses (or in whatever orifice your cartoon bubble places their fingers) knowing Social Security was going to find trouble because they had raided it. Please don’t tell me they couldn’t figure out the boom of babies was going to become a boom of retiring people. And what did they do? What politicians are good at: kick the can down the road for future sessions of Congress.

How many decades has the can been kicked down the road? Simple answer: way too many.

The administration answer: it’s another part of the mess G. W. Bush left.

“Politicians are like diapers; they need to be changed often and for the same reason.” ― Mark Twain

Of course there’s more but it seems this is a good point to stop. End rant.