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The Minds Video Player

2012 December 14

If you are a “do it yourself” kind of person let me venture a wild guess – at least some projects you undertake are completed in your minds video player long before you pick up the first tool. At least that’s how it works for me. In the course of curmudgeonly rantings there have been references to taking about 3½ minutes to complete a project in my mind while the actual doing can go on for months. Or even longer but let’s not delve into the solar heating panel project right now, OK? Anyway I think of my visualizations of a project as “The Minds Video Player.”

That’s not to say projects progress as I see them in the minds video player. Nope, at best it’s more likely it will go roughly as visualized. Would any project ever be completed or for that matter even get started without seeing it in the minds video player? I got some doubts.

For example: converting the back shed kennel area into a storage space for the Goldwing didn’t exactly start in the minds video player. Nope, it started with ruminating over how to come up with storage space after someone reneged on an offer to use a bit of their garage. So I chalked it up to shtuff happens, brought the bike back home and ruminated. As I stood looking over the chain link enclosure ruminating shifted to inspiration mode. Inspiration may be a little over the top but the idea was hatched and the mind went into video player mode. The project unfurled in my mind and that left me to decide on materials and figure costs to decide if it would fit the budget. Budget? That’s funny. Budget!

The video was complete and total overkill with 16” on center studs, primed siding, heat, air conditioning and a hot tub. Oh yeah, aren’t fantasies great? Then I sat down with the CAD program, figured out the basic list of materials and compared prices between Home Depot, Lowes and Menards. The 16” on center studs and hot tub quickly got deleted. Heat I can do if needed. Air conditioning? No chance. It became a down and dirty undertaking, protect the bike for the winter and pretty things up come spring. So OSB panels, studs at four feet and a sturdy tarp vs a real set of doors. Yep, you could say the video got edited – big time.

Let’s consider this was an after thought in response to an entirely unexpected situation. Weather was getting colder, other stuff was planned and out of the blue a couple weeks got dedicated to this project. That really interfered with planned projects. The result: iced fingers, toes and faucet nose. Not to mention the daily aches and pains.

December 8, 2012 and the weather guessers predicted quite the first storm of the season. Side note: they were wrong again. Meanwhile before it hit last minute details were feverishly dealt with. Finally I fired up the gray lawn tractor (with the pusher blade) let out the clutch and the drive belt gave up the ghost.

Hey Murphy, in my video player I see your law disappearing into a very dark place. Any guesses where?