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Products And Services

Good grief, there are so many affiliate programs and products on the net I can’t imagine anyone really knows all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. I’ll admit up front – I’m entirely naive about it. One thing I’ve observed is there seem to be a lot of people looking to accumulate a lot of affiliates even though they are only offering an opportunity for their affiliates to seek affiliates. That whole thing bewilders me. It just doesn’t make sense.

So I came up with an idea I suspect most on line marketing types can explain why it won’t work. It’s pretty simple really. I will not become an affiliate of any program, product or service I do not and/or have not used to my complete satisfaction. I will not offer anything strictly for personal enrichment. Doing business that way just doesn’t fit my personality.

That does not mean programs, products or services I offer are suitable for everyone but it does mean the reason it’s offered here is because it works for me.

More programs/products/services will be added in the future but for now I start small.