Dire Deary

Labor Day Rant

Dear Diary (aka Dire Deary)

Labor Day! Though well aware it is a federally proclaimed holiday I must state this is one holding no feeling of holiday status. As with so many holidays it’s another that feels as though it was specifically designed for media outlets to sell advertising and businesses of minuscule to multinational scope to buy advertising and sell products under the guise of offering bargains (huh) because they’re having a sale ‘cuz they want to help customers and celebrate the holiday too. And what are they celebrating? Could it possibly be adding more pluses to their bank deposits?

I know, now I sound suspiciously anti-capitalist. I’m all in favor of capitalism but I must question if the industries could offer more nuanced and appetizing ways of selling. Do they not realize the buying public has seem stale remakes of sales holiday after holiday and in between ad-infinitum?

Come on capitalists lets find ways to get beyond revisiting stale reincarnations of who knows how many years past.

And this is only Labor Day. Just wait until Halloween, Thanksgiving, the racist Friday after Thanksgiving, the twelve days of what’s it called and Christmas.

Oops! Guess I missed New Years Eve and New Years day. I’m gonna be sick – better get a bucket.