Don't Know What To Write

Curmudgeon Savant

Curmudgeon Savant

Writing advice: when you don’t know what to say start out saying you don’t know what to say and let the fingers go from there. Yes, that’s paraphrasing what I first heard but the message is the same.

I really, seriously don’t know what to say. I have tongue tied fingers. So let thoughts wander and a symbiotic connection between mind and fingers meld with the keyboard and let them do what they will.

Let’s consider the experiences of two strokes, and though the first was quickly dealt with the second had a lag of an hour from the original 911 call to the time paramedics found me on the bedroom floor, barfing into a bucket and perspiring profusely. Seems as though the dispatch operator both asked and verified what city the address was in but the ambulance was sent to the city across the Red River in Minnesota rather than North Dakota At 2 million brain cells destroyed per minute multiplied times 60 minutes, there had to be considerable damage done. Then add time spent getting me into the ambulance, transported to the emergency room, and Drs figuring out what to do, I gotta question how many IQ points dropped before they finally got me into a hospital room and came up with a course of treatment. It makes me wonder if I’ve crossed to the savant category because I’m still able to type.

Just call me the “Savant Curmudgeon.”