Now Hear This (AKA Announcements)

Some Things Lost And Some Gained

A hosting change may be one of two things: either an auspicious occasion or suspicious occasion. In the case of the jury is still deliberating.  The good news is the hosting change happened and even though the whole thing was moved and shows up on the web it seems all previously posted stuff is gone-gone-gone.  That’s probably OK since it can be found in email backups to gmail.  In the meantime I’m basically starting out with a blank slate WordPress site and starting everything anew.

OK, a quick, down and dirty bring everyone up to speed (mostly for myself than anyone) my previous web hosting is going away end of August and since choosing not to let Rantsville go away with it I contracted other hosting.

That’s the down and dirty version and also the unfake news “clean and innocent” version.  Anyway the challenge is building a new WordPress site again and making changes improve what I see.  You see that’s the fun part of this, it is for my enjoyment and entertainment.

In Curmudgeon fashion I got more important stuff to do than post announcements so I’ll be getting to it now.